Benefits of Autolpg

Savings Engine Life Enviroment Convenience Safety

Benefits of LPG - Savings  

  • 30-40% savings of fuel bill compared to petrol for same km run
  • Lower maintenance cost
  • Less costly kit and cylinders than CNG

Benfits of LPG - Engine Life

  • Improves engine life
  • Clean burning and no carbon deposit
  • Increases lubricant life
  • No cold start problem

Benefits of LPG - Environment

  • Clean buring fuel
  • Better combustion characteristics
  • Reduces CO2 emission
  • Reduces SOx, NOx, and particulate emission

Benefits of LPG - Convenience

  • Up to 400km per tank
  • No need for frequent refilling
  • Can not be adulterated or stolen
  • Very fast refilling time

Benefits of LPG - Safety

  • Operates at only 8-10bar pressure (CNG 200 bars)
  • Lower combustibility range than CNG
  • Easy detection of leak from smell



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